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"Premium Mastering Studio"

"Renzo is a true professional who delivers high quality, he is fast and he's very relaxed to work with. Tnx for the great job Renzo!"
Martijn Spierenburg, Spierenburg Music (Composer, sound design, keyboards Black Nazareth, Within Temptation)

The corona virus, update

The virus affects us all but I'm glad to inform you that attended mastering sessions at Masterenzo Mastering are indeed possible:
Two persons are allowed in the studio, with respect of the corona rules.

Other (unattended) mastering work will continue as normal.

Please have a look at the contact page to book your (attended) session.

Stay safe and make some great music!

Mastering at Masterenzo

Masterenzo Mastering is the premium mastering studio by engineer Renzo van Riemsdijk in Rotterdam.

After a mix is finished, good mastering elevates mixes to a professional level and your songs will start to tell the story of your album or ep as a whole.

The equally important technical part of mastering is file delivery for digital release on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and YouTube or a physical release on vinyl, CD or music cassette. This also involves editing and compilation of those files.

Masterenzo Mastering does not do mixing or recording, it's mastering only...

Why mastering?

To me personally, mastering is all about emphasizing the power, emotion and impact of your music.
Connection is what counts, connecting music to you and your fans, the listeners!

Why Masterenzo Mastering?

With over 18 years of experience Masterenzo Mastering is capable of delivering high quality masters that enable ultimate connection to your audience.

Masterenzo Mastering has worked with artists like Charlie Dée/Hédie Carlee, Black Nazareth, the John F Klaver Band, Phil Bee, Voncken, Simon Stokvis, Gery Mendes and many others.
Other work includes mastering of leaders for Dutch radio station "100% NL" and commercials for radio and television for "Open Universiteit".
More info about the artists/clients I've worked for can be found on this page.

And: Masterenzo Mastering stands for a personal approach with fast turnaround times!

Music mastered by Masterenzo Mastering

I've made a Spotify playlist containing the many tracks, albums and EP's mastered by Masterenzo Mastering.

The YouTube page shows videos of productions I've worked on and the samples page lets you listen to music before and after mastering.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about what Masterenzo Mastering can do for your precious songs!

Do take a look at the columns I write on a monthly basis for Dutch platform Popunie and find out how I look at mastering and how music plays a role in our daily lives nowadays.

I encourage you to attend the session:

The costs for an attended session are exactly the same as an unattended mastering session.
Book your session easily by using the contact form at the bottom of this page or via email.

You can send me your mixes via WeTransfer:


Masterenzo Mastering stands out with a close, personal approach to each and every project.

The way I work is somewhat influenced by mastering icon Bernie Grundman, an American engineer who has mastered numerous landmark recordings such as 'Aja' by Steely Dan, Prince's 'Purple Rain' and 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson.
His view, ears and mastering philosophy show an example of ultimate transparency, energy, musical impact and connection.

Being a guitarist (no live shows anymore, I play in my living room) I can easily translate what a musician wants to hear into a great sounding master that connects to the outside world, straight to your listening audience.

My approach is to take the song with most energy and vibe as the basis for the mastering session. All other songs are lifted towards that same level of energy and vibe.

Born in the seventies I'm very much intrigued by the stunning sound quality of some of the recordings made in that era. Just have a listen to 'Rumours' by Fleetwood Mac and witness its pristine production quality and please consider: Louder is not always better.

The Studio

The studio is located in an old house built in 1927 and breathes vibe and energy.
The room is set up with a living room atmosphere in mind and has a great sound. It connects to the outside world through beautiful stained glass windows.

single outboard rack filled with modified solid state and tube gear ensures short signal paths with maximum flexibility and power.
My analogue outboard is complemented with few plugins that enable processing not possible in an analogue world: a beautiful marriage between analogue and digital...

Heart of the studio are the custom built speakers featuring Peerless and Vifa drivers and external crossovers. They are fitting the room perfectly and together with the Amphion Two15 speakers they make the perfect listening couple for those crucial decisions in the process.

During attended sessions it's important to give the ears some rest during a break in our garden.
Bakery Van den Berg makes great sandwiches for lunch and is located at only a 3 minute walk from the studio.

About Masterenzo

Masterenzo.pngHi there! I'm Masterenzo (Renzo van Riemsdijk). Born in 1973 in Ede, a medium sized town in the center of Holland, I discovered the guitar at the age of 15. 3 Years later I was playing in my first band.

After a chemistry study in Arnhem I studied electric guitar back in the nineties at the Rotterdam Conservatory. During my study and after graduating in December 1999 I played electric and acoustic guitar and lapsteel in many projects and bands, mainly pop, soul, rock and singer-songwriter music.

The growing interest in the sound of recordings during my study led to the beginning of my own bedroom mastering studio in 2003: the Masterenzo Audio Room.

After working at home for 6 years I started working at Rotterdam based studios like the Excess Studios (2009-2012) and the Real Music Room (2012-2015). With the experience gained at those studios I decided to build my very own mastering facility in 2015: Masterenzo Mastering.

Besides mastering I spend my days listening to music, preferably on vinyl or cd. I'm a big fan of chocolat, great coffee and cooking and I like to spend quality time in the great city of Rotterdam, accompanied by some good friends.

Columns Popunie

I write monthly columns about mastering for Dutch music platform Popunie, hoping to clarify many of the mysteries surrounding the black art of mastering.
In my columns I deal with non-technical issues such as how we experience music nowadays as well as more technical stuff like dynamics, loudness and LUFS.


"Masterenzo has lifted my end product to a higher level. All details and nuances in the mix have been given subtle accents and the songs have become an album as a whole with some extra drive and shine.
Thanks Renzo, see you again next time!"
John F Klaver, John F Klaver Band (Blues, Americana, Pop)

Mastering Rates

Mastering at Masterenzo Mastering is based on a rate of 50 euros per track.

The more tracks you want to have mastered in one batch or session, the more cost-effective it will become.
Discount starts with 4 tracks.

You will get

  • Feedback on your mixes when necessary.
  • High resolution 24-bit masters
  • 16 and 24-bit masters for streaming services (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube etc.)
    Many of the aggregators (party between artist and streaming service) accept both 16 and 24-bit files.
  • Revisions of your masters, until you're 100% satisfied with the end result.

I encourage you to attend the session: There is no difference in price between an attended or unattended mastering session. 

Extra services

If you want your music on vinyl, you'll need seperate files for the sides of your record.
This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need separate masters for vinyl. In most cases the original masters can very well be used for a vinyl release.

For a release on CD you'll need a DDP fileset.
Included in the DDP is a custom client player, allowing you to monitor exactly what is being sent to the CD replication plant.
DDP contains relevant information like ISRC-codes, track spacing and CD-Text.

  • Compiling files for a standard 2-sides vinyl release (10" or 12"): 35 euros.
  • DDP fileset for CD production: 35 euros.
  • Alternative masters like instrumentals (identical settings): 20 euros per song.

Mastering consultancy

Frequently I get asked to share my knowledge and experience of mastering. The link between mixing and mastering is very important. Mastering consultancy consists of a private session in the studio in which I will elaborate on the process of mastering and why a better mix leads to a better sounding end result. Among other topics supplying masters for various media like streaming and vinyl will be handled during this session.

Don't expect to become a mastering engineer in a day but see it as a fun day where knowledge, coffee and a look inside the mastering kitchen provide you with the basics of the craft.

Mastering consultancy is based on an hourly rate of 65 euros.

More info? Send me an email!

Payment methods: Bank transfer (invoice) and Paypal.

All rates excluding 21% VAT.

If you live outside the Netherlands but within the EU and have a valid VAT-number you don't have to pay the VAT.
If you own a business outside the EU the VAT is taxed in your own country.

Some Useful Information

Preparing your music for mastering

  1. Firstly: Make sure you've checked and double checked your mix before sending it off to mastering.
  2. If you need a pair of fresh ears during the mixing stage: I'm more than willing to listen to your mixes and provide feedback.
    All that is necessary to achieve an end product of the highest quality!
  3. Leave a few dB's from the 0 dBFS ceiling when printing mixes to stereo.
    Volume is not that important in the mixing stage.
  4. Do not use any leveling tools like limiters or normalizers on the stereo bus, unless they are a vital part of the sound.
  5. Never change the sample rate (kHz) of the files.
  6. Print, render or bounce your tracks as 24-bit or 32-bit floating point data files (wav or aif), 16-bit or mp3 files are not suited for mastering!
    When you want to send me 24-bit files it's best practice to use 24-bit dither as a final step before saving your final mixes. Don't use any noise shaping.
  7. Don't forget to register for ISRC, it's free. Check the official ISRC site for more info. If you are Dutch, you can apply for an ISRC at Sena
    To get to know more about ISRC, have a look at the FAQ page.
  8. And last but not least: Make sure you've checked ánd double checked your mix before sending it to me!

Loudness, is it really that important?

The human ear is very sensitive to changes in volume. When a song is played one dB louder, many people choose this louder song to be the better sounding one.

But we have control over the volume knob ourselves. so we can play any song as loud as we want.
And: loudness normalization ensures that very track within a playlist is played at globally the same volume.

Actually, music mastered at less high levels contains more energy (transients, micro-dynamics) and sounds genuinly more lively when played at the exact same level as music mastered at very high loudness levels.

Loudness and Spotify

Without loudness normalization enabled each song on Spotify and its playlists will be played at its original volume.
Supplying a loud master will surely cause your music to be played louder.

But: as soon as loudness normalization is enabled, all songs will be normalized to the volume specified by Spotify (and other streaming services). The default setting is a playback volume of -14 LUFS.
This will cause loud masters to be turned down in volume, resulting in less dynamics and less energy.

During mastering my focus lies not so much on volume, but on energy and dynamics instead.
I believe that every song, album or ep has sort of an "ideal volume" depending on many factors of which genre is a very important one.

Music is about connection between artists and their listeners which will only get better when music is sounding really good.

This is what Spotify itself has to say about loudness normalization.


Columns about loudness

I've written several columns for music platform Popunie about the loudness issue, among many other mastering related subjects.

Below an example of what happened with Peter Gabriel's 'Sledge Hammer' during the loudness war. Which of the 2 will sound better?

"Renzo has mastered the tracks of our first ep, to our fullest satisfaction!
The tracks have become a lot more dynamic, worth every euro. Renzo also is of great help in the production path, from ISRC codes until delivering the end product to the cd factory.
Our next ep and the album will be mastered again by Masterenzo Mastering!"
Jasper van Vught, The Legendary Orchestra Of Love (Rock and roll)

Mastering for vinyl

For a standard vinyl record you'll be needing 2 files, one for side A and another one for side B.
In many cases it's not necessary to make seperate masters for a release on vinyl.

The cutting engineer at the vinyl pressing plant is the one making final decisions and/or adjustments for a healthy transfer to vinyl.

If you want to be 100% sure: only a test pressing can reveal any possible issues with a vinyl release. Please always consider a test pressing, it's well worth the extra money and effort!

More info about mastering for vinyl can be found on the FAQ page.

Vinyl Record

"The choice for your mastering studio has been a matter of gut feeling.
I'm very thankful for your sincerity, attention and explanation and I really liked the process as well.
In my opinion the tracks sound way better now and I'm very satisfied."

Misha Schreiner (Pop, Alternative)

More info?











Columns Popunie
































"A driven professional who is able to lay down a beautiful sound and knows very well what the music is asking for."
Dina (Singer-Songwriter with West African influences)
Albums "Heart" and "My Own Way"

Masterenzo Mastering is approved by Apple to deliver files that meet the Apple Digital Masters standard.
More info about Apple Digital Masters? Read this paper.


Booking | Contact

Fill in the form and receive a personal quote

Book your Mastering Session

Fill out the form if you want to book a session and receive a personalized mastering quote based on 50 euros per track (excl. 21% VAT) or if you want to leave a message.

The more songs you want mastered in one batch or session, the higher the discount on the total price. Discount starts with 4 tracks.

Please note that in price there is no difference between an attended or unattended mastering session.


Make sure you've read the guidelines for preparing files for mastering prior to uploading your tracks!

Turnaround time after payment is usually between 1 and 3 days for single tracks. Are you working on a deadline? Let me know and I'll try to schedule your project with priority.

The easiest way to upload your music is via WeTransfer:

Studio Address

Masterenzo Mastering
Renzo van Riemsdijk
Schielaan 32 A
3043 HC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

- Free parking -

 telephone.png    06 21 462 953

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Renzo at Masterenzo Mastering studio

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